Randall A. Wade

Menguin Swatch System

[  with an online-only service comes the need to present users with a tangible piece of the brand to help them over the conversion hump. This swatch process has become a proven converter for Menguin, resulting in a 30% conversion rate. A first for the online tuxedo rental industry, Menguin's swatch interface allows users to filter through not just colors, but patterns as well. This cross-search function goes a step further, allowing filtering between multiple accessories at once. This displays the colors available in both a tie and vest, for example. Customer service is a pillar of Menguin, and this system provides seamless self-service and unparalleled transparency into the color system. This entire process is materialized in informational, delightful, and straightforward packaging that reinforces Menguin as the premier online retailer. 01.2017–current